FTX: hacker transfers $51 million as Sam Bankman-Fried trial gets underway


It has been revealed that over the course of three days, the FTX hacker, who had been inactive on the wallets for 10 months, transferred more than $50 million in Ethers (ETH).

The transfer has raised questions about how the hacker was able to execute it and where the funds have been transferred. The Sam Bankman-Fried trial is set to commence tomorrow.

FTX attacker continues to move funds

It has been ten months since the $350 million-plus hack that happened during FTX’s bankruptcy. Recently, the perpetrator transferred $25 million in Ethers through different wallets before ultimately routing it to the Railgun confidentiality protocol, the Thorchain bridge, and the Ethereum burn address.

As shown below, the individual appears to act methodically, moving only part of the funds address by address. Whereas he had moved his $25 million exclusively from the 0x3E9 wallet (in blue), this time, he moved more than $25 million from another wallet (0xTF3, in red) :

However, the finality seems to be the same for all ETH the hacker transfers, i.e., they end up on the Thorchain bridge before being transferred to numerous other wallets. The hacker moved over $51 million in just under 3 days.

At the time of writing, the individual still holds $275 million in various wallets, almost exclusively in Ethers. Almost a year later, we still don’t know the identity of the person or persons who attacked FTX.

However, since the funds were transferred from wallets belonging to FTX and others to FTX US, a separate branch, many suspected insider trading, at the time, Sam Bankman-Fried stated that a former employee of the exchange had probably committed these actions.

It is also interesting to note that these sudden movements began just a few days before Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial was due to begin. This will begin tomorrow and should normally finish on Thursday, November 9.

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